Depending on both the findings obtained by the trainer in the initial assessment and the evolution of the injury, a specific exercise prescription is created.

The objectives of the prescribed exercises are, on the one hand, to enhance the deficits shown in the assessment and, on the other hand, to incorporate specific exercises for each injury and tissue of the body. It is essential for the therapeutic exercise to have a clear objective and to have it prescribed by a health and exercise professional.

The objective of this session is to show the patient the report created with the findings of the assessment as well as to show them all the prescribed exercises. The trainer focuses all the attention on the patient’s correct execution of the exercises from a technical point of view.

Since some patients do rehabilitation exercises at home or at the gym, a chart with all the exercise content is given to them. Furthermore, thanks to an innovative therapeutic exercise program, the patient receives an email with a link to our webpage in which all the exercise prescription can be seen in specific videos.